Our Partners

In times that are moving continually faster, with clients operating continually leaner, the demands placed on suppliers no longer stem solely from qualitative characteristics. Outsourcing services which are flexible and can scale with one’s own production processes, such as corrosion protection or surface treatment, are equally important.


In order to constantly ensure that we can provide our clients this flexibility and scalability, especially in case of short-term changes to need within their production and manufacturing processes, we here at BKG use the services of select partners in addition to our own resources, regardless of whether to strengthen our production capacities or expand our sales team. It goes without saying that our partners are required to adhere to the same standards of quality as we do.


The partner companies of BKG Korrosionsschutz:

  • Max Bögl Bauservice GmbH & Co. KG
  • G. Theodor Freese GmbH & Co. KG
  • MTC & Partnere A/S