References & Projects

Satisfied customers are the best proof of a job well-done. Many clients have worked exclusively with us for years, and see us as more than just a service provider. Rather, we support you as a competent partner with expertise and creativity, assisting you with even the most difficult of tasks. The following is a list of projects we have completed successfully:

  • Buitenwater bridge in the Netherlands
  • Nibelungen bridge in Regensburg
  • Highway overpass in Meiningen
  • Highway overpass in Unterwolzbach
  • Highway overpass in Fröttmaning
  • Mettenheim bridge
  • Urselbachtal bridge
  • Dörfles-Esbach BAB A73
  • Sielbach valley bridge
  • Triptis BAB A9 B 281
  • Donau bridge in Straubing
  • Stralsund 2nd Sund crossing
Steel Structures
  • Production hall, Gersthofen Seele
  • Hamburg Airport, Terminal 3
  • Police headquarters, Bonn
  • Berlin-Schönefeld Airport
  • Exhibition hall, Leinfeld
  • Mercedes dealership, Cologne
  • Noise protection wall, Fröttmaning
  • Noise protection wall, Freimann
  • Franken Stadium, Nürnberg
  • Waldstation, Frankfurt
  • BMW, Leipzig
Due to the sheer number of ships we have worked on over the past years, we have decided to forego listing each and every ship, and instead have only listed the most important shipyards where we have completed a significant number of projects. We have worked on container ships, frigates, corvettes, fishery guard ships, roll-on/roll-off ships, submarines, ferries, cruise ships, yachts, tankers, and gas tankers.
  • Ferus Smit Shipyard, Netherlands
  • Sietas Shipyard, Hamburg
  • Peene Shipyard, Bremen
  • Lürssen Shipyard, Bremen
  • Meyer Shipyard, Papenburg
  • Odense Staalskibvaerft, Denmark
  • Elefsina Nafpigeo, Greece
  • SMG Shipyard AG (Sunseeker), Rostock